Custom Videos
We'll help you create a beautiful virtual concert hall your patrons will love.
How it works

Find a guide track your members can record to.

Your members will upload their recordings to a shared folder with a chance for you to review and leave feedback.

We'll do the rest of the work leaving you with a beautiful video.

Raise money for your program by selling tickets to your virtual concert!
What we'll do
Setup the process with instructions for your group
Curate the individual recordings
Piece together the recording into a beautiful video
Give you a copy of the video in HD format
Help you make your money back by selling tickets
One-time setup
Per individual recording
Example: If you're doing a virtual choir concert with 10 singers, we'll charge you $250 + $15/singer totalling $400. If you decide to do more videos in the future, we will not charge you the $250 one-time setup.

Chances are you'll earn your money back (and much more) if you sell tickets to your virtual show!