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The easiest way to sell tickets to your virtual event
Broadcast live streams, pre-recorded videos, and other linkable events all within one platform
Selling tickets is 100% free to your program!
Built by Ludus, the ticketing platform trusted by 1,000+ organizations.
How It Works
Sign up for your free AnywhereSeat account
Simply click the "Sign Up" button to start building your AnywhereSeat account. There are no setup fees, annual costs, or hidden fees.
Enter your virtual event's information
Determine whether you'll be live streaming, uploading a pre-recorded video, or doing another kind of virtual event like a Zoom.
Go live with your
ticket sales!
That's it! Patrons will receive a unique Ticket Code used to unlock your virtual event at the time set by you, all within AnywhereSeat.
Live stream events are easy
AnywhereSeat was built to cover all levels of live streaming from simple events to full professional-grade productions. Whether you want to use live streaming software like OBS, Ecamm Live, or simpler services, you can stream directly into AnywhereSeat.
Pre-recorded events are easy, too
If you don't want to live stream your event, uploading a pre-recorded event video takes little work on your end. Simply upload your video directly to AnywhereSeat and you'll be able to set the available access times of your On-Demand video event..
Keep things private
Whether it's live or a pre-recorded video, patrons receive a Ticket Code with their ticket purchase. This means everything remains private behind a virtual door with limited access.
At-home viewing experience
Receive your own page with a unique address where you can send patrons to buy their tickets. Patrons simply enter their purchased Ticket Code and can unlock your content. Choose to turn on Live Chat, Real-Time Donations, and upload a digital program for patrons to scroll through.
Up-to-standard reports
Access a suite of real-time reporting tools allowing you to see how many tickets have been sold, how much money has been collected, who attended your virtual event, and more.
Get support from real people
Oftentimes it's nice to talk to a real person who understands what your job consists of. At Ludus, we offer real-time support through our chat widget, step-by-step guides, videos, and our 833 phone number.
Ways you can use it
Live or pre-recorded performances
Virtual concert halls
Exclusive music videos
Limited access videos for your fans
Virtual art shows and classes
Online workshop access
Virtual fundraising events
Exclusive looks behind the scenes
Sports live streaming and videos
Selling tickets is free!
5% + $0.75 / ticket
Passed onto your patron
No ticket fees
For complimentary and $0 tickets
Example: On a $10 purchase, your patron pays $11.25, we cover credit card processing fees, and you're left with the full $10.

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Selling tickets is 100% free to your program!